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You can start to assist asylum seekers by becoming informed. Their situations are often complex and riddled with difficulties as they await an answer to their application for refugee status. These difficulties include the impact of past trauma, current health and welfare concerns and an uncertain future. Because of this, we have made the following training compulsory for anyone wishing to host an asylum seeker. There are several links to other resources at the bottom of the page – please take the time to explore them!


We are in the process of producing videos for all our training material. However, in the mean time, please have a read of our extensive hosting handbook below. Good luck!.

1 The Complete Hosting Handbook
This combines all our info (eventually to be separated into bite-size videos all in a handy pdf.


Check out these if you want to become even more informed.

Interactive Website


Interactive Website
Road to Refuge

Short Interview
Essan's Story (ASRC)

Amnesty International

Photo documentary
Scattered People

Fact sheets

Lots of info

Up-to-date statistics
Border Force

Various services
Salvation Army

Asylum Seekers on Bridging Visas (NSW)

For a snapshot of the distribution of Asylum Seekers in NSW, and especially the Sydney region, take a look at the map below. You can see the focus is (as expected) around the Auburn area, which holds over 1300 asylum seekers. Even though asylum seekers are probably gravitating to these areas because of shared culture and existing networks, it'd still be great to offer a room from any other less-represented area!

Suburb boundaries have been sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and bridging visa holder amounts and locations from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.